Animal Justice Fights Ontario's Wolf and Coyote Slaughter

Animal Justice Fights Ontario’s Wolf and Coyote Slaughter »

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is preparing to increase the numbers of wolf and coyotes hunted in Ontario. The proposed changes will allow unlimited hunting of coyotes in northern Ontario, remove the game seal requirement for wolves and coyotes in northern Ontario, and…

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Parliament is Already Taking Action to Save Animals

Parliament is Already Taking Action to Save Animals »

Animal advocates had good reason to be optimistic that the new Parliament would start taking animal issues seriously after the strong results in the 2015 federal election. Humane Voters Canada – Animal Justice’s new political wing – endorsed and campaigned…

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Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Why is the Government Involved in Promoting Pork? »

The federal government is gearing up to hold hearings to determine whether to establish a Canadian Pork Promotion and Research Agency. The Agency would be funded by levies on Canadian and imported pork. Each pig would be taxed $0.75, generating…

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