Animal Health Protection Act, RSQ, c P-42,

The Animal Health Protection Act regulates a number of activities and interactions with animals, including animal health, animal identification, artificial insemination of animals, livestock auctions, animal feed, veterinary drugs, as well as animal safety and welfare.

In regard to animal health, the Act authorizes veterinarians to test, treat and destroy animals infected contagious diseases. The Act also provides minimal standards of care relating to the keeping of animals in captivity and mandates that owners with 15 or more animals obtain a permit.

Associated Regulations:

Artificial Insemination of Cattle Regulation, RRQ, c P-42, r 9

Regulation respecting the safety and welfare of cats and dogs, RRQ, c P-42, r 10.1

Regulation respecting the administering of certain medications, RRQ, c P-42, r 1

Regulation respecting the animal species or categories designated under Division IV.1.1 of the Animal Health Protection Act, RRQ, c P-42, r 6

Regulation respecting the designation of a contagious disease and an infectious agent, and the sanitary conditions applicable to places where birds are kept in captivity, RRQ, c P-42, r 4

Regulation respecting the health certification of imported animals, RRQ, c P-42, r 3

Regulation respecting the identification and traceability of certain animals, RRQ, c P-42, r 7

Regulation respecting medicinal premixes and medicinal foods for animals, RRQ, c P-42, r 10

Regulation respecting the sale of livestock by auction, RRQ, c P-42, r 11

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Quebec

Topics: abuseanimal feedanimal healthartificial inseminationauction of livestockcompanion animalsconfiscationdiseasefoodidentificationinspectionkennellivestockmedicinal foodsafetyseizureveterinary medicationswater

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