Canada National Parks Act, SC 2000, c 32

The Canada National Parks Act provides for the establishment and regulation of Canada’s national parks. In regard to animals, the Act prohibits the unlicensed hunting of, trafficking in or possession of wild animals on designated park reserves.

Associated Regulations:

Gros Morne National Park of Canada Snowshoe Hare Regulations, SOR/2005-205

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada Showshoe Hare Regulations, SOR/2004-301

National Parks Highway Traffic Regulations, CRC, c 1126

National Historic Parks Wildlife and Domestic Animals Regulation, SOR/81-613

National Parks Wildlife Regulations, SOR/81-401

National Parks of Canada Domestic Animals Regulations, SOR/98-177

Wapusk National Park of Canada Park Use Regulations, SOR/2010-67

Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations, SOR/78-830

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Canada (Federal)

Topics: wildlife; trafficking; park; community;

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