Health Protection Act, SNS 2004, c 4

The Health Protection Act provides for the protection of health in the Province of Nova Scotia through the regulation of health hazards, notifiable diseases and conditions,communicable diseases,public health emergencies, granting medical officers the power to enter, and the delegation of duties and powers to the Minister.

The Act also empowers the Governor in Council to make regulations, including those relating to animals.

Associated Regulations:

Communicable Diseases Regulations, NS Reg 196/2005

Food Safety Regulations, NS Reg 206/2005

Prevention of Salmonella Infection by the Control of the Sale of Turtles Regulations, NS Reg 23/72

Rabies Control Regulations, NS Reg 42/42

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia

Topics: communicable diseasedestroydiseasedomestic animalshealth hazardisolationpublic healthvector

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