Poultry Insurance Plan, NS Reg 339/2007

The purpose of the Poultry Insurance Plan is to provide for insurance against loss of poultry resulting from detection of infectious laryngotracheitis, the only poultry disease that is designated as a peril under the plan.

The Plan also prescribes the application method and requirements of a contract of insurance, the duration of the contract, the insurable value of poultry, premiums, notice of presence of disease, evaluation of loss depending on whether broilers or other flock, final adjustment, maximum indemnity, and arbitration.

The enabling statute for this plan is the Crop and Livestock Insurance Act, RSNS 1989, c 113.

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia

Topics: breederbreeder pulletbroilerchickendiseasedomestic fowlflockfowllayerproduction period

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