R v Fernandez, [2001] OJ No 5668 (ON Ct J)

The accused, Mr. Fernandez, had delegated the responsibility of caring for the animals to someone else who failed to care for the animals properly. Fernandez had no intent to inflict cruelty on the animals. Regardless, he pleaded guilty and was convicted of cruelty to animals.

This is the sentencing for Mr. Fernandez. He was placed on probation by way of a conditional discharge for 12 months. The court noted that this case borders more on negligence and a delegation of responsibility to someone else and then not making sure that the animals that he is responsible for were well looked after. Because of that, because of his guilty plea, and because of the position taken by both counsel, the court accepted the joint submission as to sentence.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Ontario

Topics: animalcareconditional dischargecrueltyDelegatedintentnegligenceprobationstarvation

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