Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations, SOR/78-830

The Wood Buffalo National Park Regulations apply only in Wood Buffalo Park, Alberta. These regulations prohibit the unlicensed hunting of wild animals, the sale of animal pelts without a permit or payment of tax or royalty, and the spoilage or destruction of edible game meat or pelts. Additionally, the use of hunting dogs, poison or hunting by aircraft are also prohibited. Schedule III lists animals which may not be hunted because of rarity or endangered status..

The enabling statute for these Regulations is the Canada National Parks Act, SC 2000, c 32

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Canada (Federal)

Topics: aircraftbearbig gamebisonbuffalocariboucoyotedeerelkfirearmfoxfur-bearing animalhunthunterhuntinghunting dogmigratory birdminkmoosepoisonsnaretraptrappertrappingwapitiwolf

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