Wildlife Act, 1998, SS 1998, c W-13.12

The Wildlife Act provides for the management, conservation and protection of wildlife resources through the issuance and revocation of licences, the prosecution of wildlife offences and establishment of annual hunting seasons.

Associated Regulations:
Dog Training Regulations, 1982, RRS c W-13.1 Reg 11

The Firearm Safety/Hunter Education Regulations, 2009, RRS c W-13.12 Reg 2

The Fur Animals Open Seasons Regulations, RRS c W-13.12 Reg 4

The Wildlife-Landowner Assistance Regulations, 1991, RRS c W-13.1 Reg 48

The Captive Wildlife Regulations, RRS c W-13.1 Reg 13

Wildlife Management Zones and Special Areas Boundaries Regulations, 1990, RRS c W-13.1 Reg 45

The Wildlife Regulations, 1981, RRS c W-13.1 Reg 1

Wild Species at Risk Regulations, RRS c W-13.11 Reg 1

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Saskatchewan

Topics: conservationdesignationexotic wildlifeextirpatedfarmfirearmfur dealerhabitathuntinglicencemanagementmanagement planpowersrecovery planseasonsnarespeciestakingthreatenedtrappingvulnerablewild species at riskwildlifewildlife officer

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